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Get Fit Now: Fitness Tips for All Shapes and Sizes

If getting in shape is on your to-do list for this summer, you've come to the right place! Our ABHO certified physical trainer can help you achieve your goals with training tips and helpful hints. He'll make sure you avoid many of the common workout mistakes people make.

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Healthy Eating: Ask an Expert

It seems like every day there's a new "health food" fad, but our registered nutrition can help you sort through the many diet dishes people rave about. She'll talk about what foods you should be adding to your diet, and which "healthy foods" may not be good for you.

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Smart Shopping: Choosing Individual Health Insurance

Should you sign up for an HMO or PPO? Low co-pays and high deductible or vice-versa? How do you find out if you qualify for a subsidy? All these important insurance questions and more will be answered by our expert. Let ABHO help you make smart insurance decisions!

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Health Care Reform: Preparing for Open Enrollment

Don't be caught unawares this Open Enrollment! Our tax and insurance expert can educate you on the many new health reform laws going into effect. ABHO's expert will help you understand all your options, and how your choices can effect your health insurance for the entire year.

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