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Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you’ve noticed both your physical and mental health are suffering during this pandemic, you’re not alone! Americans are reporting a decline in their physical and mental health while self-quarantining under government mandated “Stay at Home” or “Shelter-in-Place” orders. Dr. Staci Silar gives us tips on how to maintain your health during this extraordinary event.

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Long-Term Effects of COVID

Survivors of the COVID-19 virus may have lasting effects from the virus, long after they’ve recovered. Just like the severity of symptoms can range, so can the long-term effects of the virus, potentially leading to life-long lung and other organ issues.

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Pandemic Leads to More Fireworks- and Potentially more Injuries

There’s been a huge increase in the number of backyard fireworks displays this year. Experts say this surge is going to lead to an equal rise in the number of fireworks-related injuries. Find out how you can stay safe.

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The COVID-19 Crisis: What Insurers are Doing to Help Members

Insurers around the country are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways. Find out which health insurance carriers are waiving member costs association with COVID-19 treatment, including deductibles and copays.

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The COVID-19 Crisis: Preventing the Spread

Until there is a viable vaccine, the best defense against the COVID-19 virus is prevention. ABHO offers some tips on how you can help prevent the spread of the virus.

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